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We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you. Please send all enquiries via WHATSAPP CHAT TO +44 7533 233909. We will endeavour respond within 2 working days.


Starter Pack for our New Tenants!

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Our aim is to retain landlords long-term and provide a fair and ever improving service. 


We discourage callout charges when maintenance issues have to be checked and diagnosed. Our in-house maintenance manager will do that for free as part of our management fee.

Wherever possible we will do minor works at either nil or very nominal charges. For example we may change a 9 V smoke alarm battery with a high quality Duracell – with Nil charges - for goodwill 


Where our maintenance manager is in the building – response times to check and diagnose issues for the tenants we manage, are fairly low. Sometimes we can resolve maintenance issues the same day they are flagged up.

13 Oct 2021


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