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Who We Are

Churchill House Lettings was established in 1987. Twenty seven years later In March 2014, we changed our name to Churchill Lettings Ltd. Our Core Business has been Full Management of  Residential Tenancies in well managed ‘blocks of flats’.


We truly value our relationships with our landlords, tenants, contractors, staff, Resident Management Committee’s (RMC’s) and all members of the Facilities Management team with whom we interact. 

Our aim is to retain landlords long-term and provide an ever improving service and a personal relationship with them. 

Later in January 2018, we established a second Limited Company called Churchill’s Estates Ltd.  This company will  focus on Residential Sales as its core activity. 

Why choose us?

Our Credentials

We have been selling and letting properties from the very beginning and only employ the best to ensure that we can provide you with the best service and advice.

Our people make us what we are and we are known to work hard to go the extra mile to get the best deal for all parties. 

We are different and we strive to do everything that will give you a better experience, whether it is selling or letting your property, we have expert local knowledge and have a detailed network of landlords and tenants. 

We are always ready for you. Contact us here.

We know what it takes to deliver success for our clients. Churchill's offers a comprehensive range of property services. We are skilled in residential lettings across London.


We embrace change and have a strong ambition to improve the way the property industry is operating with an emphasis on ethics to our customers, for this reason, all of our charges are fully transparent.

Churchill's strongly believe that as an agency it is important to protect our clients. We do this by being proud members of the property redress scheme, client money protect, my deposits and the national landlords association.


We have worked hard to become a SAFEagent. 
Churchill Lettings Ltd is a SAFEagent. SAFE – Safe Agent Fully Endorsed – is a mark denoting firms that protect landlords and tenants money through a client money protection scheme. Full details of the scope of the scheme can be obtained from the scheme operator. For more information on SAFEagent visit

Our NALS registration

Service Standards for Landlords

Service Standard For Tenants

Before you rent the property, the agent will:

  • Have provided advice to the landlord concerning any repairs or refurbishments which are necessary to put the property into a fit state for letting.

  • Ensure that you are provided with copies of safety certificates on gas and electrical appliances before you commit to the tenancy.

  • Have advised the landlord of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

  • Advise you on the necessity of arranging insurance cover for your personal possessions. You may well also be advised to have in place accidental damage cover for any of the landlord’s property.

  • Go with you to view unoccupied property where appropriate.

  • If instructed by the landlord, request identification from you. Before the start of a new tenancy all occupiers ages 18 and over will be asked for identification to check they can legally rent a residential property in England

  • Be expected by the landlord to take up appropriate references and check on payment history if you have rented a property previously

  • Provide details (a ‘schedule’) of the condition of the property plus a list of its contents and agree it with you

  • Require a deposit from you & will explain the basis on which it is being held & the purpose for which it is required

  • Confirm that your deposit will be held in a separate Client’s Account

  • Provide you with details of utility providers and the Local Authority in the area in order that you can arrange for accounts to be set up in your name.

  • Protect the deposit with one of the Statutory Tenancy Deposit Schemes, if requested to do so by the landlord

Before the letting the agent will:

  • Visit the property and advise on any action you need to take before letting the property. This includes any repairs and refurbishments needed to put it into a fit state for letting.

  • Give you advice on the level of rent you can expect.

  • If you ask, they will arrange safety checks on gas and electrical appliances.

  • Explain your rights and responsibilities, and the tenant’s rights and responsibilities

  • If instructed by you, request identification from your tenant. Before the start of a new tenancy, all occupiers aged 18 and over will be asked for identification to check they can legally rent a residential property in England

  • Give you advice on what action to take if the property is mortgaged.

  • Give you advice on insuring the building and contents, and other insurance schemes which may be available to protect interests not normally covered in standard household policies where a tenant is in residence.

  • Protect the deposit with one of the Statutory Tenancy Deposit Schemes, if requested

  • Go with possible new tenants to view unoccupied property.

  • Choose a tenant in a way agreed with you, taking up references or checking the tenant’s rent payment record.

  • Arrange for the preparation of a schedule of the condition of the property and its contents for you, together with acceptance by the tenant of a property so described.

  • Provide and fill in a tenancy agreement and take a deposit to protect against possible damage or agree with you another sort of guarantee.

  • Transfer the bills for the services for which the tenant will be responsible into the tenant’s name.

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